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Global Domination using Money , Trade & Climate Change

Summary: Global domination is today sought to be continued to be exercised by the Oligarchy in the Western world by using Money, ..

Law & Order

Summary: A proper, prompt, and equitable enforcement of the Laws ensures an orderly and harmonious society. Unimplementable or un..

Municipal Rules for a New City - Recommendations

Summary: India has to build many cities to meet the pressing need for Urbanization. However, to ensure that such cities do not fa..

Privacy Today

Summary: Privacy is what everyone seeks even as one also, wants to share or search for or access information from various platfor..

Interse Currency Valuation & Monetizing Personal & Temple Gold & Silver Holdings

Summary: The value of a country’s currency should be dependent on the value of the real assets it represents, and the effort an..

Indian Judicial System – Comments on

Summary: A good Judicial system, properly implemented, is what keeps the other elements of a Democracy functioning properly and e..

Vaastu - Feng Shui - & Other New Age Sciences - for Harmony

Summary Vaastu is the ancient Indian science of location, orientation and construction of Buildings and Temples. Feng Shui is the..

Money, Financial Boom & Bust Cycles - An Inevitable Outcome

Summary: In ancient times, the concept of Money allowed for a steady loss of value in accordance with Nature’s laws? Overtime a..

The Ayodhya Case

Summary: The Ayodhya Ram mandir case is a long pending issue due to the inability of those concerned to understand the importance..

The Sabarimala Temple Case

Summary: Equal rights and gender discrimination have been made the cause for entry into Temples where custom calls on Women of a ..

Administration for New Cities– eg. Amaravati

Summary: India has to build many cities to meet the pressing need for Urbanization. However to ensure that such cities do not fal..

Job Creation, Labour & Other Regulations

Summary: In the old days, wealth mostly came from agriculture and the landlords treated the farm workers as serfs. Then came the ..

Girl Child - Protecting & Improving her lot while– also encouraging Infrastructure Projects

Summary: A practical and actionable way to greatly improve the condition of the Girl Child of a poor Family. The girl child from ..

Temples & Earth’s Energy Grids

Summary: It is well recognized that the Earth has powerful Telluuric energy lines within it, which where they intersect create no..

Public Policies – Making them Right & Reservations!

Summary: Right decisions about Public Policies arise from a proper understanding of, ‘Right’ from ‘Wrong’, ‘Good’ fro..

Equity in TAXATION & Comments on I.T &G.S.T

Summary: Taxation, to the extent of enabling the Government to provide essential services is inevitable, but it should not be too..

Equality for All or All are Equal

Summary The concepts of being ‘Equal’ and of being treated with ‘Equality’ are different and not understanding the diff..

Varna, Caste / Jati & Untouchability

Summary: Availability of resources dictates location of settlements and their growth. Water is an essential for all life on the p..

Urbanization - Planning for the Inevitable

Summary: Urbanization is ongoing and inevitable, urban population today is about 35 percent, by 2030 it is likely that our urban ..

Bank Transaction Tax Proposal - Why It is Not Practical

Summary: While the Artha Kranti proposal is a clear example of the type of ‘out of box’ thinking that is required to sort out..

Pricing and Taxation Policy - For Fuels and Other Enablers & Auctioning of National Resources

Summary: Pricing of Public Resources for sale or lease to Private Parties should be vide a proper auction process that protects t..

Counterfeit Currency & Black money- A Practical Response

Summary: Counterfeit Currency debases the value of the lawful currency, increases inflation and acts against economic progress. C..

Indian Money in Foreign Banks - Retrieving It

Summary: Confiscatory and ill-concerned tax regimes have motivated citizens to move their monies out of India. We need to now see..

Agricultural Reforms - Krishi Jagruti Scheme - Own your Farm as a Shareholder

Summary: A practical and actionable solution to the Agriculture and Farmer problem.   Agriculture faces the stress of ..

DEMOCRACY - Effective, Accountable & the Best option

Summary: Democracy is a method of Government of the ‘People’ for ‘All the People’. Not a dictatorship of the ‘Majorit..

Minority – What is it?

Summary: Too many people seek to receive special consideration by claiming to be from a disadvantaged minority and hence, worthy ..

Leadership – or the lack of it!
(eg: Mumbai 26/11 - comments as on 30/11/2008)

Summary: The 26/11 terror attack at Mumbai was allowed to grow from an incident into a major terror attack due to lack of prepa..

Electoral Reforms and Election Funding

Summary: A Democracy is only as effective as its electoral system. Our present electoral system suffers from many short-..

Wealth, Market Economics & Entrepreneurship – The Case for

Summary: Wealth was always seen as representing such tangible resources as given by nature or those grown or domesticated or ex..

Dream Budget – 2.0 – The Way Forward

Summary: A Dream Budget should not only be an exercise in Accounting, it should be a Policy statement about how to bring about ge..

THE GRAND IRRIGATION AND POWER SYSTEM – (GIPS)- linking rivers for development

Summary: India is blessed with generous water availability, but only during the short monsoon period, and as much of this water g..

Languages - Make Us Strangers In Our Own Country?

Summary: Language is for communication, both Nationally and Globally, Also, enough importance must be given to the the Mother t..

Smaller States - How Small? - How Many? - Why not BIGGER? (Do we say - JAI - this, or JAI - that, or ONLY - JAI HIND? - THINK!)

Summary: The demand for the division of existing large States into Smaller States has long been pending. Some States such as Jhar..

RAM SETHU - The Controversy

Summary: Ram Sethu is the alleged land bridge, more a causeway, connecting India to Lanka and believed to have been constructed b..

Water Crisis – the Solution

Summary: Water crisis of today is a man-made crisis arising from extensive deforestation, inefficient and insistence on growing..

Stone Pelting – A Perspective

Summary: Stone-Pelting is being encouraged by many activist groups to pitch so-called youth against the Security Forces and then ..

Burkha & Communication

Summary: Civilization developed because of the ability to communicate with each other. Anything that prevents proper communicatio..

Uniform Civil Code - Implementing It?

Summary A Nation must have only ONE system of Law for all its citizens as all citizens should have equal rights and be considered..

GARIBI HATAO! - A Practical and Actionable Way!

Summary Eradication of extreme poverty has always remained an elusive goal which everyone subscribes to, However, no effective ac..

Lands / Rights - Acquisition & Compensation there for

Summary: Development at many times calls for acquisition of Property, and / or curtailment of some Rights, of the people affected..

Girl Child - Protecting & Improving her lot while also encouraging Infrastructure Projects

Summary: A practical and actionable way to greatly improve the condition of the Girl Child of a poor Family. The girl child fro..

Gays’ Rights – A Secular Solution

Summary: Human relationships between two persons can be sexual recognised by societies as marriages or civil unions or adultery. ..

Education in the 21st Century

Summary: Proper Education is a must to prepare our children for the Future world they would be growing up to live in. In the A..

Accidents – Prevention & using Taxation to Decongest Roads

Summary: Increasing vehicular traffic especially within urban areas, and the resulting congestion of available road space, is lea..

Bureaucrats – Selection & Development

Summary: Qualified, competent, industrious Bureaucrats with high integrity and loyalty to the Nation and an attitude of ‘Serv..

Health Care for All

Summary: Health Care is very essential, especially for the very young and the elderly. However, health care is very costly and ca..

Ayushman Bharat - Make it practical!

Summary: Health Care for All is an ideal to aim for and which can be assured only via a comprehensive National insurance scheme w..

Major Riots / Terrorist Attacks / And Response Thereto

Summary: Major and widespread Riots and major Terror incidents that play out over prolonged time should not be confused with the ..

Ecological Catastrophe – Due to Human activities?

Summary: Per capita consumption of energy is the true measure of progress of civilization. The effects of the Industrial Revoluti..

Foreign Born Citizens – Their Rights?

Summary: Citizenship can be acquired as a birthright or as a legal/ naturalized right. A born citizen is assumed to have a certa..

Armed Forces Special Powers Act

Summary: The Armed Forces Special Protection Act (AFSPA) comes into effect only for the period and, where the Government has decl..

SWADESHI - self-sufficiency/protectionist policy - will it lead to prosperity and happiness?

Summary: Swadeshi is a concept that calls for Protectionism and leads to making do with less and with lesser quality. Whilst tr..