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Education in the 21st Century

Education in the 21st Century

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Proper Education is a must to prepare our children for the Future world they would be growing up to live in.

In the Agricultural era, education mainly meant the ability for counting, paying taxes and measuring of land. In the industrial age, education meant the ability to be timely in factories and work at simple repetitive jobs. Basic ‘Reading, Riting and Rithmetic’ was then enough.

In the digital and internet age of today, education is more the ability to grasp concepts, understand problems and be able to resolve them in the simplest, easiest and most efficient way possible. Education and skill up-gradation today, even for adults, has to be a continual process to keep pace with the continual changes.

Rote learning is no longer necessary beyond the fundamentals. Better ability to use all resources available, including the internet, to solve any problem is what is essential. Understanding civil and social concerns and best addressing them to engage harmoniously with others to build a more equitable, prosperous and environmentally sustainable world is what is also, essential today.

Understanding of how the child’s brain works at various ages and its circadian cycles and concepts such as that some exposure to teaching is a better way of learning etc. all need to be properly integrated into our New Education System for the 21st Century.

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