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Health Care is very essential, especially for the very young and the elderly. However, health care is very costly and can be brought into the reach of all, only through a properly designed universal coverage insurance programme as the more inclusive the programme the lower the individual premium.

What is most important is that for the programme to work without the distortion introduced by purely commercial considerations by the health service providers, the programme should never be FREE, except to the very poor who are so designated by committees formed at each medical facility levels to be provided reasonable care. All others must be required to co-pay, say ten percent. Costs for accommodation, procedures and medicines can be standardized at various levels. To avoid impractical claims for extra facilities and care, riders on premium should be insisted on.


Prevention is better than cure –‘Swatch Bharat’ and other community care programmes must be encouraged by the Government. Health care is essential and must be provided to all at realistic levels – Demand for extraordinary care for all is idealistic, not practical and unreasonable .Proper Regulations to prevent misuse –Standardized costs for procedures, implants and generic medicines.

Quotations for Consideration

  • “Health is not valued till sickness comes.” – Dr. Thomas Fuller .
  • “The belief that all people are equal and that no one should be denied the best of medical services is idealistic, but impractical and leads to ballooning costs. The British National Service is a failure. The U.S style medical insurance schemes are expensive. The ideal of free medical care goes against the reality human behaviour. To prevent misuse, and to keep waste and costs in check and prevent people from under valuing what is offered, it is necessary to require co-payment from the user.” – Lee Kuan Yew .
  • “Humans respond to incentives. How an agent or doctor advises or treats you corresponds directly to the incentive or fees he may receive, directly or indirectly, in advising or prescribing to you a particular action or treatment. Many doctors today, both in Private and Corporate for Profit Hospitals, have a mindset that – a Patient Cured is a customer lost” – Anon

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