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Indian Judicial System – Comments on


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A good Judicial system, properly implemented, is what keeps the other elements of a Democracy functioning properly and effectively. Faith is belief and, in human interactions, is trust that truth and Justice will always prevail (Satyameva Jayate!). Faith may at times be a serious matter for consideration and then it needs to be done with an understanding of the underlying emotions and with a sense of empathy. Justice is itself more than Law. Sometimes for justice to prevail Law may even need to be bent. Justice results from harmonizing Laws with equity. Strict application of the rule of law can at times produce unjust results. Judicial decisions must always be quick and equitable. Law only recognizes rights and specifies remedies if they are infringed. Ignorance of law cannot be an excuse only when Laws are transparent and simple to understand. Otherwise the system lends itself to being ‘Gamed’. The rights of citizens cannot be enjoyed in full, save in a society where Law is respected, strictly implemented and due process is observed.

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