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Personal Choices – Making each Right!

Summary Personal choices are many each day, some seemingly trivial, others serious and which require a conscious decision to ma..

Fair & Dark & The Measure of Beauty

Summary: Admiration for fair or dark complexion may not be a measure of beauty but the cultural and historic measure of economic ..

Parental Responsibilities – Reincarnation and Karma

Summary: Sanatana Dharma recognizes that the Atma of the individual elects go through various life times of learning and experien..

Austerity - Understanding & Practicing It!

Summary: Austerity is a very good principle to live by, but it is generally a greatly misunderstood concept, leading to finding f..

Youth & Age - Zeal & Wisdom

Summary: Youth has always exemplified fitness, zeal, emotions and risk taking, while Age exemplifies maturity, wisdom and underst..

Achhe Din – Myth or Reality?

Summary: ‘Achhe Din’ or Good times, is a concept that is very subjective and varies time to time. An understanding of how we ..