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Monetizing Personal & Temple Gold & Silver holdings

It is not necessary that all the wealth holdings be only in the Vaults of the Government / Central Bank. Citizen’s wealth is als..

Connecting the North - East to the Bay of Bengal

The North East part of our Country is only connected to the rest of the Country via a 22 mile narrow corridor which is a security ..

Banking Expansion - Decentralization & Post Bank

When the then RBI Governor was speaking of expanding the banking network and was emphasizing the need for comprehensive Know Your ..

Borders & good Relations with Neighbours

Well defined and demarcated Borders and mutually accepted interests lead to good relations with neighbours. As the adage goes, ..

Rama Nahar - Thailand Canal (An Asian Cooperative Venture)

Summary: The increasing maritime trade passing through the restrictive and piracy ridden Malacca Straits calls for a better and s..

Manthan- not Tug of War, the Asian Way of dealing with Neighbours.

Make India Poverty Free and Prosperous A Summary of the many Ideas to resolve Indias problems. Struggle not futilely attempting..

Religious Cultures and Dharmic Culture

Summary: Ignorance may be bliss, but little knowledge is definitely dangerous. What is even worse is little knowledge of what you..