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Law & Order

Summary: A proper, prompt, and equitable enforcement of the Laws ensures an orderly and harmonious society. Unimplementable or un..

Privacy Today

Summary: Privacy is what everyone seeks even as one also, wants to share or search for or access information from various platfor..

Indian Judicial System – Comments on

Summary: A good Judicial system, properly implemented, is what keeps the other elements of a Democracy functioning properly and e..

The Ayodhya Case

Summary: The Ayodhya Ram mandir case is a long pending issue due to the inability of those concerned to understand the importance..

The Sabarimala Temple Case

Summary: Equal rights and gender discrimination have been made the cause for entry into Temples where custom calls on Women of a ..

Temples & Earth’s Energy Grids

Summary: It is well recognized that the Earth has powerful Telluuric energy lines within it, which where they intersect create no..

Minority – What is it?

Summary: Too many people seek to receive special consideration by claiming to be from a disadvantaged minority and hence, worthy ..

RAM SETHU - The Controversy

Summary: Ram Sethu is the alleged land bridge, more a causeway, connecting India to Lanka and believed to have been constructed b..

Stone Pelting – A Perspective

Summary: Stone-Pelting is being encouraged by many activist groups to pitch so-called youth against the Security Forces and then ..

Burkha & Communication

Summary: Civilization developed because of the ability to communicate with each other. Anything that prevents proper communicatio..

Uniform Civil Code - Implementing It?

Summary A Nation must have only ONE system of Law for all its citizens as all citizens should have equal rights and be considered..

Gays’ Rights – A Secular Solution

Summary: Human relationships between two persons can be sexual recognised by societies as marriages or civil unions or adultery. ..

Foreign Born Citizens – Their Rights?

Summary: Citizenship can be acquired as a birthright or as a legal/ naturalized right. A born citizen is assumed to have a certa..

Armed Forces Special Powers Act

Summary: The Armed Forces Special Protection Act (AFSPA) comes into effect only for the period and, where the Government has decl..