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Global Domination using M..

Summary: Global domination is today sought to be continued to be exercised by the Oligarchy in the Western world by using Money, Trade, and the fear of Climate Change. Institutions and the systems, procedures, measures, and standards laid down by them are all designed to further such domination. It

Law & Order..

Summary: A proper, prompt, and equitable enforcement of the Laws ensures an orderly and harmonious society. Unimplementable or unequitable laws should be removed from the Statute books. Punishment or action against those disregarding or disobeying laws or orders issued by lawful authorities, must b

Connecting the North - Ea..

The North East part of our Country is only connected to the rest of the Country via a 22 mile narrow corridor which is a security vulnerability we need to address. We need to develop a more effective and safer connection by developing a corridor to the sea - Negotiating with Myanmar and Bangladesh t

Vaastu - Feng Shui - & Ot..

Summary Vaastu is the ancient Indian science of location, orientation and construction of Buildings and Temples. Feng Shui is the corresponding Chinese science. Many other New Age sciences have since added to the principles of Location, Orientation, Construction and Furnishing of Human Habitations

Administration for New Ci..

Summary: India has to build many cities to meet the pressing need for Urbanization. However to ensure that such cities do not fall prey to the same failures that the earlier cities have succumbed to, it is necessary that clear Municipal Rules are laid out in advance and the Authorities strictly enf

Indian Judicial System ..

Summary: A good Judicial system, properly implemented, is what keeps the other elements of a Democracy functioning properly and effectively. Faith is belief and, in human interactions, is trust that truth and Justice will always prevail (Satyameva Jayate!). Faith may at times be a serious matter fo

Youth & Age - Zeal & Wisd..

Summary: Youth has always exemplified fitness, zeal, emotions and risk taking, while Age exemplifies maturity, wisdom and understanding. The Generation Gap arises from the ignorance of the Youth about the elderly and from the forgetfulness of the elderly of their young days.   Highligh

Water Crisis – the Solu..

Summary: Water crisis of today is a man-made crisis arising from extensive deforestation, inefficient and insistence on growing water-hungry cash crops and other inefficient, wasteful and environmentally polluting Industrial and Agricultural practices. The value of water should be recognized and

The Sabarimala Temple Cas..

Summary: Equal rights and gender discrimination have been made the cause for entry into Temples where custom calls on Women of a certain age to not enter the Temple. No such case is being taken up where in some Temples, Men are not allowed. Ancient Temples being centres of a variety of energy field


Summary: India is blessed with generous water availability, but only during the short monsoon period, and as much of this water goes waste, our Country suffers intensely under a recurring annual cycle of floods and drought which costs the Country dearly both by way of damage to crops and property a

The Ayodhya Case..

Summary: The Ayodhya Ram mandir case is a long pending issue due to the inability of those concerned to understand the importance of Faith, Justice and what is a simple property dispute and to take an equitable decision thereon. Politics has given it undue importance and led to procrastination by a

Smaller States - How Smal..

Summary: The demand for the division of existing large States into Smaller States has long been pending. Some States such as Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Telangana have been carved out, though in the case of Telangana it was against the will of the State Legislature. Decisions on the division of Sta

Rama Nahar - Thailand Can..

Summary: The increasing maritime trade passing through the restrictive and piracy ridden Malacca Straits calls for a better and safer alternative passage. A proper ‘Panama Canal’ type canal constructed across the peninsular region of Thailand, named ‘RAMANAHAR’ would greatly benefit all the

Pricing and Taxation Poli..

Summary: Pricing of Public Resources for sale or lease to Private Parties should be vide a proper auction process that protects the interests of the Public. Taxation should be fair, comprehensive and equitable. All Goods and Services are not the same. Some are Enablers whose consumption enables

Parental Responsibilities..

Summary: Sanatana Dharma recognizes that the Atma of the individual elects go through various life times of learning and experience in its attempts to attain ‘Moksha’. The concept of Karma that guides re-incarnation is also, recognized and is an intrinsic feature of Dharmic Life..  

Money, Financial Boom & B..

Summary: In ancient times, the concept of Money allowed for a steady loss of value in accordance with Nature’s laws? Overtime as the Money transactions become safer or more secure and the financial systems allow for the concept of increasing value of Money due to compounding interest the financia

Job Creation, Labour & Ot..

Summary: In the old days, wealth mostly came from agriculture and the landlords treated the farm workers as serfs. Then came the Industrial Age when he mostly illiterate workers needed the protection of the collective bargaining power of Unions to avoid exploitation. Under the Communist ideology Ca

Girl Child - Protecting &..

Summary: A practical and actionable way to greatly improve the condition of the Girl Child of a poor Family. The girl child from a poor family faces the threat of abortion, of death at birth and, if allowed to be, a life of disadvantaged, malnutrition and discriminatory consideration that effects f

Gays’ Rights – A Secu..

Summary: Human relationships between two persons can be sexual recognised by societies as marriages or civil unions or adultery. Historically what was recognized as a Marriage was a commitment between a man and a woman made in a religious ceremony. However, today unions between two people of the sa

Temples & Earth’s Energ..

Summary: It is well recognized that the Earth has powerful Telluuric energy lines within it, which where they intersect create nodes of powerful positive or negative energies that affect humans and and all Life and hence, need to be understood and worked with. Ancient temples are sited after due co

Foreign Born Citizens –..

Summary: Citizenship can be acquired as a birthright or as a legal/ naturalized right. A born citizen is assumed to have a certain attitude, loyalty and commitment to the country. A naturalized legal citizen may or may not have a similar attitude or share equal loyalty and commitment to the adopte

Fair & Dark & The Measure..

Summary: Admiration for fair or dark complexion may not be a measure of beauty but the cultural and historic measure of economic status. Attractiveness is subjective and the admiration for the exotic or unusual may be only superficial and only for a while. Beauty as all know is more than skin deep

Dream Budget – 2.0 – ..

Summary: A Dream Budget should not only be an exercise in Accounting, it should be a Policy statement about how to bring about general prosperity for All. Populism and Protectionism should be minimum and based on rational appreciation of the long term prosperity expected therefrom. History teach

Counterfeit Currency & Bl..

Summary: Counterfeit Currency debases the value of the lawful currency, increases inflation and acts against economic progress. Counterfeiting Currency and circulating it is a crime and, if done in a Country by another Country, is an act of War. Demonetization of all high value currency and encoura

Ayushman Bharat - Make it..

Summary: Health Care for All is an ideal to aim for and which can be assured only via a comprehensive National insurance scheme with proper guidelines to determine and lay down the costs of medicines and procedures and of additional facilities demanded. (See-“Health Care for All”). The Ayushman

Armed Forces Special Powe..

Summary: The Armed Forces Special Protection Act (AFSPA) comes into effect only for the period and, where the Government has declared the area as disturbed and beyond the control of the administration and the police, when action is needed to keep the country together and failure is not an option. T

Achhe Din – Myth or Rea..

Summary: ‘Achhe Din’ or Good times, is a concept that is very subjective and varies time to time. An understanding of how we tend to perceive them and an ability to recognize and enjoy what they bring is essential to our happiness and contentment. Highlights ‘Achhe Din’ or Good Days -

Manthan- not Tug of War, ..

Make India Poverty Free and Prosperous A Summary of the many Ideas to resolve Indias problems. Struggle not futilely attempting to unravel the many knots of the ropes of ill-thought, Laws and Bureaucratic red-tape that bind the energy and zeal of our countrymen. Focus on your objective and just -

Public Policies – Makin..

Summary: Right decisions about Public Policies arise from a proper understanding of, ‘Right’ from ‘Wrong’, ‘Good’ from ‘Evil’ and of the concepts of morality, equity, justice and fair play. Don’t allow your personal desires to demand more from others than they are voluntarily o

Wealth, Market Economics ..

Summary: Wealth was always seen as representing such tangible resources as given by nature or those grown or domesticated or extracted. Obviously such wealth was limited and sharing of such wealth was always a ‘zero-sum’ game, in which if one got more, the other got proportionately less, as s

Religious Cultures and Dh..

Summary: Ignorance may be bliss, but little knowledge is definitely dangerous. What is even worse is little knowledge of what you think you know and ignorance of what you oppose. Given a mind / intellect by God, capable of rational analysis, it is only essential that we each question and understand

Personal Choices – Mak..

Summary Personal choices are many each day, some seemingly trivial, others serious and which require a conscious decision to make, all of which have corresponding consequences. We need to understand how to discriminate between them and how to ensure that we make the right and appropriate choice e

Varna, Caste / Jati & Unt..

Summary: Availability of resources dictates location of settlements and their growth. Water is an essential for all life on the planet and is the most important resource. Geography and the climate determine how water is available at various locations and this dictates how life organizes itself and

Interse Currency Valuatio..

Summary: The value of a country’s currency should be dependent on the value of the real assets it represents, and the effort and resources invested in the products or services being traded, measured in an equitable way, and the premium, if any, payable thereon based on the demand and supply situa

Equity in TAXATION & Comm..

Summary: Taxation, to the extent of enabling the Government to provide essential services is inevitable, but it should not be too burdensome on the real wealth creators. To be equitable its burden must fall on ALL proportionately. The Indian Income Tax (I.T.) regime is a spider-web of complicate

Lands / Rights - Acquisit..

Summary: Development at many times calls for acquisition of Property, and / or curtailment of some Rights, of the people affected. It cannot be anyone’s rational argument that we deny development or leave resources unexploited. We should only seek to do so with equitable compensation to those aff

Electoral Reforms and Ele..

Summary: A Democracy is only as effective as its electoral system. Our present electoral system suffers from many short-comings that, given the will of the people and support of the Election Commission and the Judiciary, can be easily corrected. ONE NATION, ONE POLL to better reflect pe

DEMOCRACY - Effective, Ac..

Summary: Democracy is a method of Government of the ‘People’ for ‘All the People’. Not a dictatorship of the ‘Majority’ nor appeasement of any Minority, but with an understanding of the interests of All. However, as any such system cannot really be designed for all times, a good syste

Minority – What is it?..

Summary: Too many people seek to receive special consideration by claiming to be from a disadvantaged minority and hence, worthy of such consideration. It hence, becomes necessary for us to understand who or what really such a disadvantaged minority is and how to define such a minority, before we t

Austerity - Understanding..

Summary: Austerity is a very good principle to live by, but it is generally a greatly misunderstood concept, leading to finding faults with those who spend more than what one feels is right. It is not the opposite of ostentation or profligacy. It needs a better understanding of what is involved. &

Burkha & Communication..

Summary: Civilization developed because of the ability to communicate with each other. Anything that prevents proper communication must be done away with. Also, any religious tenets or calls for modesty must be seen in the context of the culture as it varies from time to time and place to place.

Equality for All or All a..

Summary The concepts of being ‘Equal’ and of being treated with ‘Equality’ are different and not understanding the difference between them leads to a great sense of deprivation and unhappiness. Equality is a matter of opportunity and consideration and should rightly be insisted upon an

Languages - Make Us Stran..

Summary: Language is for communication, both Nationally and Globally, Also, enough importance must be given to the the Mother tongue / Local language especially understanding what it is in today’s context of couples from different language backgrounds and also when working in different language

Accidents – Prevention ..

Summary: Increasing vehicular traffic especially within urban areas, and the resulting congestion of available road space, is leading to an ever increasing number of serious traffic accidents. All this requires us to work for the prevention and mitigation of accidents, management of traffic, using

Bureaucrats – Selection..

Summary: Qualified, competent, industrious Bureaucrats with high integrity and loyalty to the Nation and an attitude of ‘Service before Self ’ are essential for a Government to function properly. They must be selected from those who have proved themselves so for some years in Service and also

"CHINA - Dealing with,"..

Highlights: Territorial claims - border disputes / conflicts and incursions - and pragmatic ways to resolve all such issues Quotations for consideration: “Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.” - Max Lucale . “Peace is not the absence of conflict; it is the ability to

Urbanization - Planning f..

Summary: Urbanization is ongoing and inevitable, urban population today is about 35 percent, by 2030 it is likely that our urban population will become 50 percent and continue to grow. Cities should thus be planned to absorb such growth and provide the right environment and grow vertically so as

"Counter Insurgency (COIN..

Highlights: Counter Insurgency needs a long term view - need for Military action to provide security for undertaking the necessary Politico – Economic measures – clear Rules of Engagement and definition of End State – understand the Do’s & Don’ts. Quotations for consideration:

GARIBI HATAO! - A Practic..

Summary Eradication of extreme poverty has always remained an elusive goal which everyone subscribes to, However, no effective action has been taken these many decades after attaining Independence to attain it. Organized labour unions in the Government and Public sector have taken care to ensure th

"Godhra – The True Stor..

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” - Adolf Hitler THE TRUE STORY - Nicole Elfi - (Nicole Elfi left France thirty-four years ago for India, drawn to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. She participated in publication of works related to them and

"Public & Soldiers - How ..

Highlights: A soldier then and now - Human Rights in War - Trust the training - Need to recognize and value their contribution to the Nation - Not just the costs incurred but also the costs avoided - Military operations are a last resort, when failure is not an option, and hence must be viewed ac


“Nobody is as smart as everybody.” There is really nothing absolutely new in the world of human interactions and many of the newer ideas too have earlier roots as evidenced by the many quotations in the articles. However there are different ways of interpretation and application, arising out of