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Book-2: Guide to Total Wellness -1.0

Dr. Johanna Budwig, a seven time Noble Prize nominee, and in 1952, the senior expert on fats and pharmaceutical drugs in Germany, developed a protocol based on the findings of Dr. Otto Warburg, himself a 1931 Noble Prize winner. Hence, their findings should merit our serious consideration. Dr. Warburg proved that the secret to beating cancer is oxygen. The trick is in getting the oxygen into the deep tissue cells and getting the cells to properly absorb it. When a person’s body chemistry becomes acidic, from a whole host of reasons, toxins, radiation, pollution, acidosis from pharmaceuticals and malnutrition, then his blood’s ability to retain and carry oxygen is severely diminished. Such oxygen starvation leads to regression mutation of cells in an effort to grow more blood vessels and connections to access more blood and thus oxygen, in cases leading to the formation of tumours, or to live in an anaerobic condition, and depend on glucose for survival. In the normal state, human blood is rich in oxygen which is poisonous to cancer cells which survive by anaerobic respiration or fermentation. Oxygen is, ofcourse, harmless to people who are eating a healthy diet full of anti-oxidants.

Dr. Budwig found ways to oxygenate patients better and faster than in other therapies. Dr. Budwig also recommended a diet with healing foods and life saving essential fatty acids. In addition, Dr. Budwig emphasized the benefits of good levels of vitamin-D (from adequate exposure to morning sunlight) and some meditation for stress relief.

The Budwig anti-cancer protocol claims to prevent all types of cancer and cure most of them easily and permanently using only non-toxic ingredients, which have no adverse side effects. This protocol is based on the principle of getting enough oxygen to even the deep tissue cells and adjusting the body’s pH beyond neutral into a moderately alkaline state.

There are two stages of this protocol, one of them is a natural medicine which is a blend of something containing high amounts of sulphur, proteins, and flax seed oil to provide safe Omega-3 fatty acids at appropriate levels. Fish oil is to be avoided as it has a high risk of impurities, and the industrial processing it undergoes can further dangerously upset the balance of Omega- oils. Krill oil, which is now available is a better alternative to fish oil. However, do consult your Physician, especially if on medications or pregnant.

Dr. Budwig discovered that the body will synthesize Omega-3 from flax seed oil in the exact quantity it needs, and in the proper ratio with other Omega oils. This food based medicine is normally taken orally, but in the most terminal cases, Dr. Budwig was known to have given pure flax seed oil in enema form.

The other stage of the Budwig protocol is a special diet given below.

Dramatic results are usually seen within 90 days, sometimes even within a week, but the regimen should be continued for a minimum of 6 months, regardless of a lack of symptoms.

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