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Book-2: Guide to Total Wellness -1.0

This diet will cause you to lose excess water and the electrolytes that go along with it. Hence you may need to go in for supplements especially potassium, magnesium Vit-C and a multi vitamin with B-12 and calcium 500mg with vitamin-D – twice daily with food. You may also make your own ‘Ketograde’ (See – page 67) and drink it often daily.

Of course getting the vitamins, minerals and such micro nutrients by just swallowing a pill is not the same as getting them from eating authentic whole food wherein they are mostly synergistically combined to be more effective. However some essential nutrients are not easily available to your body from your diet and would need you to eat impractical amounts of some foods to get adequate quantities into your body, and in such cases supplements are needed and one should not hesitate to get proper advice on which of them to take and when and in what dosages.

Check your selenium, zinc and magnesium and take supplements if necessary. Selenium – 200 mg per day is known to protect against breast cancer, magnesium citrate – 400mg/day for men, and 300mg/ day for women is also essential.

All men above 18 years and post menopausal women are at risk of high iron levels and should get their serum Ferritin levels tested regularly. It should be 40 to 60 ng/mL , similar to the levels for vitamin D. Elevated levels of iron enhance oxidation creating high levels of damaging ROS and free radicals.

Dietary supplements mean food supplements intended to supply micro nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids or amino acids, that are missing or deficient in a person and may also include herbal supplements, spices and condiments and bacteria cultures which may have added health benefits.

Fortification in foods means addition of nutrients at a level higher than those normally found in the foods to control micro nutrient deficiencies such as iodine, vitamin A, B-complex vitamins including vitamin B-17, and iron. As too much of vitamins are as bad as too little, get tested every 2 or 3 months for all vitamin levels. Do consult your physician before taking any supplements, especially if you are taking any medications or are pregnant.

Probiotics and Prebiotics (See – ‘Glossary and Explanation of Terms’) are also supplements to encourage good balance in the body’s Gut Micro flora.

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