Book-3: War, Conflicts, Security, and The Military -1.0

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"CHINA - Dealing with,"

Highlights: Territorial claims - border disputes / conflicts and incursions - and pragmatic ways to resolve all such issues ..

"Counter Insurgency (COIN) Operations – The Do’s & Don’ts"

Highlights: Counter Insurgency needs a long term view - need for Military action to provide security for undertaking the necess..

"Godhra – The True Story"

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” - Adolf Hitler THE TRUE STORY - Ni..

"Public & Soldiers - How they view each other & War"

Highlights: A soldier then and now - Human Rights in War - Trust the training - Need to recognize and value their contribution ..


“Nobody is as smart as everybody.” There is really nothing absolutely new in the world of human interactions and many of the n..

"Pakistan and J & K - The Real Issue and How India can react to Pak based Terrorism"

Highlights: Pakistan’s claims & actions - Support to alleged freedom struggle – the real core reason – encouraging pr..

Insurgency / Naxalism / Terrorism - Response to,

Highlights: Counter Insurgency needs a Population centric approach - staying power - “clear and hold” beats “search and d..

"Terrorists & The Media"

Highlights: Bad makes News – Media over simplifies and endlessly repeats itself exaggerating the incident – Terrorists mani..

"War & Domestic Conflicts – Economics & Costs"

Highlights: Understanding the costs of war & conflicts in all their facets - waging war economically - controlling the size..

"War - Organization, in the 21st Century"

Highlights: War/conflicts today - organizing the military accordingly - necessity for an Integrated Defence Head Quarters and a..

"War in the 21st Century"

Highlights: War/conflicts today - understanding the many new dimensions of - appropriate and prompt response to each such threa..

“Unified Command Authority for Forces Undertaking Counter Terrorist / Naxal / Insurgency Operations”

“Nothing is more important in war than unity in command… Better one bad general than two good ones”. - Napoleon Bonapart..

“War - Weapons, Equipment & Transport for the 21st Century”

Highlights: Changes in the concepts of warfare – Calls for newer types of weapons, equipment, transport and technologies Q..

"Military Expenditure - The Case for,"

Highlights: Need for Military Expenditure - Controlling it yet keeping the Military Effective - Deterrence. Quotations for c..