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Book-2: Guide to Total Wellness -1.0

Remember to take your measurements and maintain your food diary. Be committed to the programme for at least 5 weeks.

If possible, get into a competition with a friend on the same regimen.




Note for Supplements:

Supplements, are not compulsory, though are recommended for best results. (See – ‘Supplements – The Need for’). Even if you don’t take other supplements, taking vitamins and minerals as recommended would be necessary. Get the required tests done every quarter till you reach your desired level.

  1. No supplements on Fast & Feast days
  2. Take supplements as recommended for 5 days a week (say Monday to Friday) only for 8 weeks. Then take a break for one Then repeat. This week off is CRITICAL.
  3. Take the additional supplements only if you are seeking athletic fitness and working for it. These help to prevent soreness and speed up muscle repair.

On normal days (say Monday to Friday)

  1. On waking drink 2 glasses of ice cold water with added lemon
  2. Take fermented cod liver or krill oil (omega-3) 2 capsules each along with one table spoon rich-yellow butter fat or Ghee or first crush (virgin) coconut oil and Astaxanthin (8 to 12 mg).
  3. Take 3 Brazil Nuts or 6-8 almonds (can be soaked overnight, preferably in salt water, and the skin removed).
  4. Squeeze lemon juice into drinking water. Sprinkle food with lemon juice or lemon gratings (Grate whole frozen lemon). You may remove the white inner layer to reduce the bitterness.
  5. Take your Prebiotics and Probiotics dose.

Prior to Breakfast:

  1. Have Kimchee or Sauerkraut (say 5 spoonfuls) and other such lacto-fermented foods before each meal.
  2. Take the supplements -vitamins as you deem necessary.

Have Breakfast within 30 mins or a maximum of ONE HOUR of waking. This is CRITICAL.

Breakfast – on normal days

Have a glass of water with 3 table spoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice before breakfast.

Breakfast – should be a light but High Protein (at least 30 gms) meal with legumes for insoluble fibre, say total of at least 300 to 500 calories.


  1. 2 eggs with yolk – anti inflammatory, protects liver, increases basal metabolism & fat loss.
  2. 160 to 250 gms spinach – or legumes.
  3. Lentils – rich source of protein and effective in muscle repair and also improves glucose metabolism. Cook in ghee and add bacon, sausages, etc and tomatoes and cottage cheese (Paneer) for taste.
  4. You may take a Whey Protein Isolate shake or any other protein isolate without carbs as a supplement.
  5. Also take Spirulina – 2 capsules.

If exercising, exercise only at least after 60 mins after a light meal and 90 mins after a heavy meal, then only on exercise days (Say Monday- Wednesday – Friday). Also take post workout water or even coconut water.

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