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Book-2: Guide to Total Wellness -1.0

Exercise only at least 60 to 90 mins after any meal. (Ideally 60 mins after a light Breakfast or Tea / Tiffin, and 90 mins after a heavy meal, as suits your schedule)





  1. Exercise days: say, Monday – Wednesday and Friday
    1. Two-legged glute actuation raises from the floor one set 20 reps.
    2. Kettle bell swings to at least 75 reps. (If necessary in 3 sets of 25 reps with one minute break in between)
    3. Slow myotatic crunch with maximum weight X 10-15 slow
    4. Every other week – a single arm kettle bell swings up to a minimum of 25 reps each side
    5. Flying dogs – 1 set each side X 15 reps.
    6. Transverse Abs exercise – total of 10 reps.
    7. Hip Flexor Stretch Exercise – 1 rep to each side.
    8. Plank exercise – one set of one rep on each side for 30 secs.
  2. Other days are rest days. On these days some breathing, yoga and balance exercises should be enough.
  3. Of course 20 mins of walking both in the mornings and evenings, or 30mins continuously at a time, as suits your schedule, on all days is a good habit. For those who can, easy jogging is more effective than walking. Do not walk immediately after a meal. Wait at least 60 mins.

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