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Combinations Of Foods And Timings For Consumption


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Some foods combine well with other foods, and some don’t. In today’s world of eating foods from all over the world and of

consuming processed drinks, some combinations can be really bad, even fatal. While some combination of foods helps boost our absorption of their nutrients than if eaten separately.

The human body works best in a somewhat alkaline state, though this is not proven scientifically it may yet be best to avoid combining alkaline foods with acidic foods which is said to prevent proper digestion and affects your energy levels and also the process of release of toxins from your body. Some foods digest quicker than others and hence should be eaten first or alone. Trust and follow your body’s indications, it knows best.

Foods to Avoid in the Low-Carb or Ketogenic Diet

  1. Gluten
  2. All grains – You may choose to re-introduce resistant rice, quinoa, buck wheat and millets after say 5 weeks to 3 months, once your body has attained its desired health and shape. Do so gradually, clearly observing how each affects you.
  3. All dairy products – other than ghee and butter from grass fed pastured cows and yoghurt and buttermilk. Even though much of the negative reactions people have to other dairy products may be because of the wrong protein in the milk (see – ‘Effects of Milk’).
  4. Beans – contain a fair amount of starch and are not ideal for blood sugar balance. They also contain inflammation causing lectins and are also not that easy to digest. The exceptions are green beans, snap peas and snow peas. However beans can be consumed when cooked appropriately. (See- “Cooking methods, Oils and Transfats”)
  5. All fruit with the exceptions given earlier. You may add the others back later on.
  6. Refined vegetable oils.
  7. Processed foods of any kind.
  8. Artificial and ‘Natural’ sweeteners.
  9. Carrageenan – natural thickeners in nut and other plant milks.
  10. Alcohol – it is only another form of sugar.

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